Stock Associate:

Stock associates usually provide customer service. The stock associate works in a visible place on the store floor while stocking merchandise, they must be also provide excellent customer service. They should assist customers and answer customer questions in a good manner. As they stock the store, they have extensive knowledge regarding product location so they should assist cusomers who are tring to find specific items.

Stock Merchandise:

Stock Merchandise are responsible for stocking shelves with product and maintaining inventory. They must display products attractively and according to display policies and procedures. it is crucial that they maintain the look of store and merchandise through proper stocking and attractive displays. They should also maintain store cleanliness. In order to keep up the appearence of the store, addition to stocking product and creating displays, they should assist with maintaining the cleanliness of the store by sweeping, mopping, dusting and cleaning up spills.

Core skills:
Job types:

Full time, Part time


$9.00/hour to $10.00/hour

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